What is Cordura Nylon and How is it Used in Combat Boots?

Cordura Nylon is a certified synthetic fabric recognized for resistance to abrasions and long-lasting durability against tears, scratches, and scuffs. Cordura Nylon is ultra lightweight nylon that is used on work clothing, luggage, outdoor sports gear, and tactical military boots.

Cordura Nylon Fabric Logo

Cordura Nylon is used on military boots due to its enduring quality and endless toughness. The material is used on boots so that the soldier wearing them can push on to the objective no matter what the terrain or conditions encountered. Whether you are battling in the desert heat, mountain snow, or swamps, Cordura Nylon is there to provide the protection needed to conquer the unimaginable and unpredictable.

Here are a few military boot companies currently using Cordura Nylon in their combat boots: Rocky Military Boots, Wellco Military Boots, and Smith & Wesson Tactical Boots.

Wellco B110 Hot Weather Black Gen II Jungle Boot

Wellco B110 Hot Weather Black Gen II Jungle Boot