3 Great Reasons Wool Socks beat Cotton Socks Apr18


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3 Great Reasons Wool Socks beat Cotton Socks

You just picked up a new pair of military boots and you realize all your socks have holes in them. You figure this would be a perfect time to grab a few pairs of socks. You enter the sock aisle and ask yourself the big question, “Cotton or Wool?”

Cotton vs Wool Socks

Here are 3 reasons to ditch cotton socks and step into wool socks for your tactical boots:

  1. Warmth: Wool is a thicker material than cotton, thus it is able to provide greater insulation even in the coldest conditions.
  2. Comfort: Since wool socks are thicker than cotton socks, the thickness provides more cushion between your feet and your combat boots, therefore less friction and rubbing leads to less blisters and foot pains.
  3. Moisture-wicking: Wool allows moisture to evaporate faster than cotton, this process is known as wicking. Moisture in your military boots can cause discomfort and athlete’s foot. It is important to keep your feet as dry as possible, especially in combat boots which tend to make feet sweat more.

Dump your cotton socks and get some wool socks. Don’t worry you can thank me later.