5 Benefits of Minimalist Military Combat Boots

Minimalist footwear is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the popularity of the Vibram Fivefingers Barefoot Shoes. There are minimalist military tactical boots on the market and you are deciding whether or not to purchase a pair. Here are 5 reasons to give them a try.

Minimalist Military Combat Boots

  1. Lighter Boots: The bare minimum amount of material is used in minimalist boots, thus boots are lighter than regular combat boots.
  2. Natural Gait: Regular boots have a high drop (the difference in height between the front and back of boot created by the midsole and outsole), which cause you to have an unnatural gait. Minimalist boots have a 5 mm drop or less, therefore allowing full extension of the muscles on the back of your leg: calves, hamstrings, and glutes; creating a more natural gait.
  3. Leg, Foot, and Ankle Strength: With less padding and material in the boots, your feet must become accustomed to a different way of walking and running. Therefore different muscles and tendons in your feet and legs that you don’t typically use will become activated. You will be strengthening ligaments and muscles in your legs that are not usually used when wearing regular military boots, thus increasing overall leg and foot strength.
  4. Energy Efficient: Wearing minimalist military boots means expending less energy while walking or running, thus your energy is used more efficiently and you can go further for a longer amount of time.
  5. Increase Speed and Agility: Lighter boots, stronger foot and leg muscles, and energy efficiency results in an overall increase in speed and agility.

Minimalist Military Tactical Boots

If you think minimalist military combat boots are for you, check out Tactical Research TR101 MiniMil Ultra Light Desert Tan BootTactical Research TR102 MiniMil Ultra Light Black Boot, and Tactical Research TR103 MiniMil Ultra Light USAF Sage Green Boot.

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