Should US Military Athletic Footwear Be Only Manufactured in the USA?

Fifteen US Senators are asking President Obama to extend the reach of the Berry Amendment to also apply to athletic footwear for US troops. The Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense to purchase US manufactured goods whenever possible (i.e. tactical boots, uniforms, and service shoes) [Read this article for more information on the Berry Amendment].

Made in the USA

Currently, there is only one US athletic footwear manufacturer, New Balance. If President Obama agrees to widen the reach of the Berry Amendment, New Balance would be the only eligible supplier of US military athletic footwear. All other American athletic footwear companies outsource their manufacturing beyond the borders of the US.

Rainbow New Balance

The reasoning behind this proposal is that by enforcing the Berry Amendment to include athletic footwear, more jobs will be created in the US.

With over 2 million active US military soldiers, this proposal has the potential to create a major disruption in the athletic footwear market.

To learn more, read this article.