Charge Mobile Devices by Walking in Combat Boots

Energy Harvesters- Walking Charger

Energy Harvesters have developed a product called the Walking Charger. Just by walking, the energy created can be used to charge electronic devices from mobile phones, GPS systems, flashlights, and other electronic field equipment. Soldiers in the field carry various equipment that require power, therefore they must bring a supply of batteries to keep all these devices operable. By generating power by walking or marching, this added energy source would decrease the overall load of a soldier in the field. Batteries are very heavy and this Walking Charger can decrease the amount of batteries needed in the field by an estimated 30%. This lightened load will provide less fatigue, more maneuverability, and decrease the possibility of injury related to carrying a heavy burden.

Walking Charger- Military Combat Boots

The product is not yet available to the public, but is being showcased and demoed at various trade shows to increase funding and potentially will be included in a US soldiers’ arsenal in the future.

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