Belleville 300 DES ST Hot Weather Steel Toe Combat Boots

Belleville Miltiary Boot 300 DES ST

The number one best-selling US Army ACU approved boot is the Belleville 300 DES ST Hot Weather Steel Toe Combat Boots. This entry-level boot features the same high quality materials and workmanship used in Belleville’s top models. The Belleville 300 DES ST was designed for hot weather use and comes within unlined upper for maximum cooling and ventilation. Hey gusseted tongue is ideal for Sandy conditions and prevents debris from entering the boot. This boot features a non-conducive steel toe to provide ASTM compliant toe protection needed for certain military job specialties.this boot features Belleville’s patented running shoe construction also known as Vanguard. This technology provides the same fit and feel as a running shoe to give you the familiarity and confidence you used to with athletic Or work boots footwear. This boot is made of 100% fullgrain cowhide and abrasion resistant nylon cord or a for durability and lightweight qualities. This boot is made in the USA and is very amendment compliant for use with the Army combat uniform.