Bates Annobon E06006 6in Tactical Boots

bates e06006 annobon bootBates Footwear’s latest release of the Annobon boot has just been made official. This incredible boot brings several key comfort and performance features that tactical operators and law enforcement are looking for. It’s lightweight design makes it ideal for jobs that require athletic exertion and Bates has been able to achieve this without compromising support or strength through the use of an exoskeleton design that uses the boot upper to provide this support. Check it out. It comes in a full height 8in and 6in for those that don’t need the extra protection. What’s more is an Army ACU approved version is coming out soon as well so now military members will be able to use this lightweight technology in a full size military approved duty boot.

Bates E06018 8in Annobon Hot Weather Desert Tan Jungle Boot

Bates E06006 6in Annobon Tactical Performance Boot