How Does Gore Tex Work in Combat Boots?

Gore Tex waterproof fabric has been around since 1980 when it was patented by inventor Bob Gore for use on rain jackets. But how does this technology work, specifically on footwear, to include combat and tactical boots?

The concept is simple. Gore Tex fabric is constructed of multiple layers. The outer layer of Gore Tex is constructed from a material that contains millions of microscopic pores, smaller than a molecule of water. This creates a physical barrier that stops water from passing through. This is what most people understand Gore Tex to do. However, today’s Gore Tex also provides an added benefit by wicking moisture from the inside of the material to the outer layer where it can evaporate. So for boots, any moisture accumulated inside where the foot is located (i.e. sweat) is transported to the outside layer so it can dissipate. This translates to dry and comfortable feet.


Gore Tex fabric is also highly breathable so it won’t make your feet sweat more than non-waterproof footwear.

Waterproof combat boots typically contain a  Gore Tex bootie that completely protects all parts of the boot, including the boot upper. Any perforations made in the bootie for lacing, stitching, or other hardware is sealed with a waterproof adhesive to keep water completely out.

Gore Tex footwear does come in cold, moderate, and hot weather versions so not all Gore Tex footwear is designed for cold weather use only.

Now that the Gore Tex patent has expired, several other companies maufacture their own waterproof fabric under different names.